Colorado Ballet Society is one of Colorado’s premier dance studios, offering professional-level dance training in multiple dance disciplines. Their mission is to expand the appreciation of artistic expression while building a community of dance around the pure joy of motion.

Re-brand with a vision for the future!

Founded in 1997 and coming up on almost two decades of growth as the Ballet Society of Colorado Springs, owner and founder Ms. Patricia Hoffman decided it was time to refresh the brand. Great success had been seen over the years, dancers were signing up in droves, and Ballet Society of Colorado Springs had just secured a new dance studio and was looking to expand to a second location.

The Colorado Ballet Society wanted to clarify the brand!

Ms. Hoffman wanted to create a brand that honored where the studio had begun but also had the strength to carry them into the next season of growth. We decided to change the name from the Ballet Society of Colorado Springs to the Colorado Ballet Society. A subtle, but powerful brand distinction.

In addition, over the years the studio had produced multiple divisions. Some had been branded along the way while others were merely group names, but Ms. Hoffman expressed the desire to bring continuity and consistency to the brand as a whole.

Scope of Work

• Brand Name, Logo, and Visual Design
• Market Research
• Brand Strategy
• Design Templates
• Marketing Brochure Print Design
• Playbill Campaign Development


The Process
A powerful evolution was the key. We started by identifying everything that was iconic about the original brand. Through meeting with the client, we uncovered the heart and intent of what made the initial brand what it was, then we identified where Ms. Hoffman saw the studio going. It was in these meetings that we came across the inspiration that ignited the re-brand design – one word, “EXCLAMATION!”

The Product
The idea was to capture impact in a simple icon. The new studio logo incorporates a more completed version of the original studio logo, “the dancer”, that is then captured in a bold, graphic exclamation icon. The icon provides the visual basis needed to tell the mission and also provides a grounding element that could carry over to every division in the studio.

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